Why can't I see the data immediately?

Is there any reason why I can’t see my consumption as soon as I have two points of data? I feel like it’s a simple thing to do, most other companies offer that feature. Why is bulb requiring me to wait such a long while until it displays that data?

It seems a bit of a shame that I have no knowledge of how much I’ve used. I’m actually thinking of quitting bulb because of this. Seems very backwards

Hi Marius,

Thanks for your feedback on this, it’s really useful to us. We’ll be improving this part of MyBulb this summer as it will be integral to our Smart Meter rollout which will enable our members to track their usage in real time.

The current chart was designed to show the projection, so it waits until we have several meter readings to ensure the estimate of annual usage is as accurate as possible. Having said that, you make a great point that it’s helpful to see previous usage too. We’ll definitely look into it and will work into the improvements we make over the coming months.

We’d love to hear any more feedback you have?