Why did I pay Bulb and my old supplier in the same month?

I am feeling a bit duped. My switch date was 23/09/18. Paid my old supplier for the full month on 04/09, was billed new full amount from bulb on 23/09, then paid a final bill from old supplier on 24/10/18 and another sheduled dd from bulb on 24/10. So I paid DOUBLE in September AND extra in October between the two suppliers. AND this is on the back of my old supplier advising my future usage would reduce. Feel conned! Comments?

Hi @Level442 ,

Bulb operate a ‘payment in advance’ system ( see https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001227451-When-is-my-first-payment- ) so the payment you made on the 23rd of September is to pay for the energy you are predicted to use during October and the 24th of October payment is to pay for the forthcoming November usage.

Most other providers operate a ‘in arrears’ system so you pay them for the energy you used in the previous month - so the final bill you received on the 24th of October paid for the energy used from your previous bill (4th September) to the switch date (23rd October).

Therefore for all new customers, there is a month ‘overlap’ where you ‘appear’ to be paying for the same month twice (as two payments within the same month) but you aren’t really - and when you eventually leave Bulb, you’ll have any credit in the account automatically refunded.

Bulb operates in this way as it allows them to purchase the energy in advance at a lower price and pass the savings on. It should have been detailed during the signup flow and your welcome email.

AND this is on the back of my old supplier advising my future usage would reduce.

I don’t understand this bit - can you clarify?


My comments as another customer, which hopefully will show you have not been duped or conned.

  1. Can I assume you knew that Bulb took payment in advance for energy used in the following month?

  2. If you carefully check the statement or bill from your old supplier on 24/10/2018 I would hope you should find they only charged you up the date of your switch to Bulb on 23/09/2018.

Fingers crossed the closing meter reading from you old supplier should match the opening reading in your most recent statement (possibly dated 23/10/2018) from Bulb.

If they match then it means you have NOT been doubled billed.

Interested to know if my assessment of your actual situation is correct or not.

AND, you will only be charged for the energy you actually use regardless of whether your are with Bulb or your old supplier, the figure supplied by your old supplier is just an estimate.

thank you both. The payment in arrears v payment in advance that has thrown me. I understand now, thank you