Why did my monthly payments get increased?

I signed up to Bulb at £51 a month, but when I started getting billed it went up to £125 a month. I’m now in credit by ~£160 (after paying a bill) and my energy usage since I joined comes no where near £125 a months worth.

Anyone know why Bulb increased my direct debit payment by so much? And will they be paying interest on the extra money they have took?

You can go to your account and then statements and payments and adjust the dd payments.
No they don’t pay interest on credit nor do they add interest on those that are in debit over the winter months when their bills are higher than their payments.

Thanks but I’ve already adjusted it in my account. I’m curious to know why it went up in the first place as the signup process explained it would be £51 a month, and not £125.

@Adm All the records we have from your switch suggest that you were quoted the £125 rather than the £51. I wonder if potentially the £51 a month was an initial figure you saw before you clicked the refine your quote button and got the higher figure? If this isn’t the case please let us know as its something we are keen to look into.

The first email says my quote was £51, with the subject “Everything’s going swimmingly” the next one with the subject “Your Bulb account opens soon” says £125. I wouldn’t of signed up to pay more than my existing provider every month!

Hi @Adm we’re having trouble seeing an email quoting £51. Forward it to us at help@bulb.co.uk or paste it in this conversation if you think we are misunderstanding?

P.S. @Adm I’ve sent you a £100 refund just now, you should have it back in your bank account within 5 working days.