Why didn't I get notification of my payment increase or bill?

Hi, I got my monthly payment reminder and noticed my payment has more than doubled based on estimated meter readings. I got the email today and the payment comes out in 3 days so you have left me with too little time to update this! I don’t want you to take that much from my bank account!

Did it get lost in spam perhaps? Bulb do send notifications.

Best way to avoid this is to submit regular meter readings so that estimates are not used.

Hi @DonnaJane87

When Bulb intend to make any changes to your DD payment, they will notify you by email (normally 10 working days) in advance of the payment being taken. Is it possible you overlooked the email or it landed in your Spam folder?

This email is not the one which gives you the monthly payment reminder.

You mention estimated readings does this mean you are not submitting regular monthly meter readings to Bulb so that you can get statements based on actual rather than estimated readings?

I only recently joined so i wasn’t sure how this worked, I will check my spam folder, thanks for the replies. If i send the readings now will I get a new bill?

Probably not. As you pay by dd that is what you will pay each month, I would submit readings when they are next due and it will adjust back to normal. Your next statement will make the adjustment.
If the dd is way out it can be adjusted by going to your account as long as you stay one month in credit.