Why do bulb move my Bill date

My direct debit payment comes out a few days after my bill payment. This means i am in debt for about 3 days. Everytime i alter my direct debit to alleviate this bulb alter my bill date so it is still in debit. Why do they do this?

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Why bother changing the dates? When your DD comes out of your bank it always takes a few days for your account to update. This will always be the case no matter how many times you try to “catch up”. It may look as if you’re technically in debit, but you’re not!

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The same question was answered by a Bulb staff member here:
[About Bulb] :
** Direct debit before payment date**

I cant post a link as the forum wont let me, even if it`s for Bulb content, very annoying…

Bulb work very different to other companies regards DD. My DD shows as been applied for on the 8th Month in my Current Account, 4 days before my bill, but it never comes into my Bulb Account till the 14th or 15th of the month, they must earn a fortune from all the money they have hanging around before going into peoples accounts. No other of my DD work like this???

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True, I never saw this with any other company, it`s very odd.

I`ve asked Bulb and I got an unsatisfactory answer.

Not sure what you mean by “earning a fortune…before…”

Once it leaves your account the money is with Bulb and remains with Bulb even after it’s been allocated to your account. So until Bulb pays the wholesaler, your payment is always earning interest whether allocated or not.

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I can understand that, my point was the DD process with Bulb takes up to 10 days. All my other DD’s take on average 3 days from applying to my bank and showing in the other applicable account?? Just seems strange!!

All sorted. Bulb want you to pay in advance for what they think your usage will be. That is why when i altered my dd, they altered the bill date accordingly. Thanks for your replies.