Why do I have a huge first bill?

We have a huge bill of over £60 despite there being no bill/statement online and only being connected for a total of 4 days?!

Is that an actual Bill or is that your direct debit which is constant throughout the year?

It could be that your direct debit is much higher than current usage which it will be for most members as we go through summer and use less energy, the accrued credit then pays for the higher usage in winter months which ensures your payments remain constant throughout the year.

Hi there @chelsieamie as @scudo mentioned it looks like you’re talking about the direct debit, which should be the quote amount you received when you first signed up to us, and is constant throughout the year. Due to our payment in advance system, your first payment will be on the day we take supply of your energy (that should have been mentioned in a few of the emails we sent you during the switch) and that’s paying for the first month of energy usage, at the end of the first month we’ll then produce a statement for you. You’ll get that by email too, and it’ll appear on your bulb account then.