Why do I have a ridiculously high bill within a month

I am new to the forum and posted in a few different places on here not really knowing what I’m doing now up to 2.5 hrs figuring out how to access help and support to question my bill. Basically I switched in September only to have a price hike literally days later. I decided not to fuss and accepted this as I thought the deal was to good to be true. Now after three months with a average spend at the moment of around £5 per day for my fuel I am perplexed as to how bulb have billed me for an average of £45 peg day … I would like to know how this mistake has been made and it be rectified.

Hi Jo, you have to give meter readings every month, 3 days before your Direct Debit`s date.

Bulb will use your meter readings to generate a correct bill, if they dont have them they will generate a bill using estimates and because you are new to Bulb, they dont know how much energy you will use and their estimate is always much higher than it should be.

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As per Doinita`s reply but also keep a note of your readings as you can then work out if your statement (£s) is correct. Easy to do once you get the hang of it.
I do mine on a spreadsheet so I just enter the readings and it works it out for me, I am accurate to 1p per month now.
Although I have left Bulb I did find their Billing to be accurate and never had any issues with them, I didnt have a smart meter so never had any of those related issues.

Hi @jo_withell

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Thanks for getting in touch with us. I can see what has caused the slight issue here. It appears that upon your switch, your opening meter reading that was submitted is accidentally missing a digit, which is what has caused this large bill after we began to receive your smart reads shortly after!

Not to worry though as this is indeed fixable. I have sent you a private message now providing a bit more detail on this, and hopefully we can take it from there.

I hope to hear from you!

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Hi @Doinita and @scudo :wave:

Thank you for sharing this information, that is indeed correct! It is because of this that we advise members to submit regular meter readings whenever possible. This is the best way to ensure that your statements are an accurate and true representation of your usage :+1:

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