Why do I have to be £300 in credit?

Seriously? Bulb have written to me saying my monthly payments are to go up to £346 a month to ensure I am £300 in credit over the winter months? Is this not day light robbery? I have never heard of this before? I am in debit £271 which I am happy to pay but they have used the last statement amount saying I am £546 in debit?? I do not understand why they have to take more money to build up credit?


I’m currently having the same argument with them. I’m in a small amount of credit already yet they want to increase my payments to double what my bills are coming in at because apparently I haven’t built up ENOUGH CREDIT! They are assuming we are all going to get into huge debt over winter without assuming that maybe we will just pay our bills! Disgraceful company!!


I guess it all comes down to economics…
Interest on a small amount of credit x 1.6 million customers = tiny amount
Interest on £300 to £400 of credit x 1.6 million customers = a lot more for Bulb


Same here. I’m coming up to having been with them 12 months. In my mind after 12 months your account should be zero and that means your monthly direct debit is correct. Let’s face it, when you switch you base it on the monthly payment and if it was so much more to build up credit you wouldn’t switch. Seems like I’m being penalised for switching in September/October. If I’d switched in April the credit would have built up. So surely the interest they earn on the credit from people that switched at that time year offsets the people that switched later in the year. It just means I’ll be looking at changing supplier


I’d suggest checking your meter readings from this time last year, and latest readings, and work out your consumption yourself from that, then compare it to the Tariff page’s estimate.
Due to a screw-up back in June (check your statements for that too), my estimates were more than double. The Tariff estimate was 2.5 times my real electricity usage in the last 12 months.
I had to spell it out on live chat because they wouldn’t accept that their estimates may have been wrong and just kept repeating how they’ve worked it out.


Problem now is they don’t trust you to manage your own direct debit and have placed a minimum cap on it. By my calculations (taking into account usage) my direct debit can be lower than it is but I’m not allowed to go below their profiteering direct debit amount. I’ve switched to another supplier.


That is my issue too. I object to not being able to control my payments, despite being in credit. For me, this is not a good business model, so I am in the process of looking for another supplier, who will not decide to keep a whole wad of money in their account, without the option of me lowering my DD. Mine last week, has gone up £23. Totally unacceptable, so although I have only been with Bulb for this year, I hope to be elsewhere very soon. This should be all over Twitter and other social media platforms, let potential customers know how they operate.


Hi @mrsdrummond1,

Firstly, I want to welcome you to Bulb Community :relaxed:

Secondly, I want to apologise that our systems are suggesting a rather large payment amount increase. I will be sending you an email shortly in regards to this :male_detective:

I suspect I’ll be joining this thread 3-6 months.
Whilst 65 DD has more than covered electric, Bulb have recently almost forcing me onto high 90’s range.
Yesterday I gave in though managed to lower Nov’s change to 89 DD.
I have absolutely No doubt that my account will accumulate a serious amount of credit very soon.
Thanks OP

Think it would be fairly safe to assume that a “human” type person set the system up to increase the payment amounts by this %


Avro’s a lots cheaper:)


Hi @Donfor Welcome to Bulb Community

If your current payment amount is higher than your usage over the winter and you build up a credit balance in your account, then we should be able to review this in a few months and either refund the excess credit or lower your payments.

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Thanks Mathew.

Let’s see how cooler months are.

I’ve just sent a breakdown to them as well, where they have been massively overcharging me. 3 hours of my life I won’t get back - doing their job for them!

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