Why do I need a meter reader for both gas and electricity?

steveo965@hotmail.comI have just had a visit from a man to read my electric meter.So far, no problem as i have smart meters from a previous supplier which no longer work.As i have duel fuel from Bulb i asked him if he wanted to read the gas meter as well,he said no as he was only here to read the electric meter. I find this astounding regarding the insufficiency of your meter reading system especially from a company who try to pride themselves in trying to keep costs down. Now waiting for another visit from someone to read the gas meter in spite of sending my meter readings to you 2 days ago. Madness.

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It is Ofgem regulations to have a meter reader at least every 2 years, this to ensure people don’t get heavily in to debt.
The readers are 3rd party companies that are use by all utility companies. It is probably 2 seperate companies for gas/electric.
Bulb have no control over this.
Although you have had electric read it could be months before the gas is read, or even over a year.

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