Why do refunds take so long.

I have recently left bulb firstly it took 3 weeks for final bill to be generated, and now says further 2 weeks for refund of credit on account. Why does it take so long? In modern banking I can make immediate payments that take max of 2 hours. Is it a case of you sitting on my cash to generate interest. Even a cheque being issued would clear a lot faster.

Hi @Liammc ,

The 3 weeks for the final bill to be generated would have been delays due to a combination of a) delays in your new supplier providing the details to the ‘independent third party company’ who handles switches b) the 3rd party company sending them on to Bulb (my impression is that you’ve been very lucky to get them to do this within 3 weeks!) and c) Bulb then raising the bill.

The 2 weeks extra for the refund does sound odd: I would expect 5-10 days. Refunds are processed, like the Direct Debits taken, through the BACS system (and not through the ‘Faster Payments’ scheme which is more expensive/complex for high volume business use). BACS takes a minimum of 3 days (see https://gocardless.com/direct-debit/timings/ for an example) and that relies on there being no bank holidays or weekends and the request getting into the various parts of the BACs systems before cut-off times: so for safety’s sake, most place advice between 5-10 calendar days for refunds (as once it’s hit your bank, they’ve then got to credit your account - I know some take a couple of extra days for this).

As you can hopefully see, most of the delays are outside of Bulb’s control. On the flip side, when people switch to Bulb (or any other supplier), the delays are the same.