Why does my tariff differ on my PDF from my Quote.

I signed up 08/09/19, I was given an expected quote of 14.543p kWh and a daily charge £20.44.
My PDF contract states 15.40p kWh and a daily charge 19.47p. Bulb also state a night tariff of 9.79p kWh. I’m believing they are getting mixed up with E7? The meter I have is only capable of one reading so what is going on?
I really need to know my Costs as I’m still in the cooling off period and altho’ I emailed them on the 08th, they have not replied. I’m beginning to think they are no different from other small Electricity providers; failing to communicate with their customers.’

It’s sounds like there an error on the national meter database for your property.

I’d suggest using the phone or webchat options to start the ball rolling in getting this sorted, rather than waiting for email replies.

Thanks for that Hooloovoo


If you see something that we’ve said about your meters that doesn’t match up with what you actually have in your home, it’s definitely the best thing to get in touch directly with us about it. Thanks for helping out with that @Hooloovoo

What you might find is that the quoted tariff prices don’t quite match up with what’s on your bill. This is because we give you the quoted amount including VAT, but we do have to show it without VAT on your bills. This is why the standing charge shows as 19.47p per day on your bills instead of the 20.44p per day that includes VAT.

Thanks Alex. I have sent two emails and told I would be contacted in 5 days; still waiting. My meter was originally a E10 smart meter until Our Power ceased trading. My a/c was passed to Utilita under supplier of last resort by Ofgem. Utilita deny doing anything with the meter but thats a different story, I ended up with a meter that takes only one reading / tariff and accepted at E7 Energy. I’m expecting a daily tariff of 14.543p kWh and a daily charge £20.44. I won’t get involved phoning companies as costs are high enough. If you say five days thats what it should be. The tariff on my Pdf is not competitive so I need things clarified by Bulb. Thanks for your reply.

Of course I will try web chat when they are not busy.