Why doesn’t bulb take Amex when Stripe (their payment provider) charges the same processing fee?

Stripe charges the same processing fee for Amex cards as it does for debit cards. Or at least they do as standard but maybe a special deal is in place.

Hi @stottcj we only take debit cards for ongoing card payments, no credit cards. Since Amex only does credit cards, we can’t take them.

I’m curious what the reason behind that is? Does it help Bulb in some way? I’m assuming the customer isn’t covered by the direct debit guarantee so no benefit to the customer to restrict it to debit cards.

Hi @energy, just talked to @amit and he explained to me that we do get charged more for credit cards than for credit cards.

Regarding your question about restricting payment method to debit card, note that we also do accept direct debit – so the two options are debit card and direct debit.