Why doesn't my credit show up properly?

I didn’t send meter readings in for months as we weren’t living in the house for a while. When I did finally send a meter reading the amount was obviously much bigger, which I paid off by card. In spite of the that the account never went back to zero. I send monthly readings and should have accrued about £400 in credit - but the account shows it as being a fraction of that. So - if I move elsewhere, do I get a credit of the actual amount, or the amount that Bulb say it is?

Hi @HappyTimes and welcome back to the community :wave: :tada:

When a member gives us meter readings, if they are given more than 3 days from the last statement date, it will not update the account balance until the following month.

It appears you paid the balance in May before the newer statement was generated so you only paid partial balance rather than in full. This means that the balance on the account is accurate.

Your May and June statement have generated as one but if you check that, you will see the opening balance is £0 but then on the ‘in detail’ page we’ve used your accurate readings to generate a further usage on that statement.

I hope that makes sense but please let me know if not.

– Robyn :bulb: