Why doesnt your app take photos off my meters?

Sorry to say this again but your app it rubbish. Every time you ask me to send meter pictures i try and use your app and it doesnt take pictures of my meters so i end up being on here trying to get an answer as to why which i dont get. So here are pictures of my meters

Hi @whitbread,

I’m sorry for the experience you’ve had with our app today.
It looks like the problem was caused because the number that was attempted to be entered was 12263 kwh. This would of been an increase of usage of 10647kwh compared to our last estimate.

Therefore, this reading was flagged as being too high, so this is why our app asked for a photo (normally we don’t need a photo). The photos that you take through our app we do record, and they are sent to our operations team who manually go through and double-check the readings.

However, I can see that the correct reading for your electric meter today is 2163kwh. I have now added this to your account for you now.