Why estimated meter readings

One of the reasons I changed to bulb was that by using the IHD and smart meters the monthly reading would be automatic. How wrong can I be. My last statement 20 Feb, had both Gas and Electricity usage ESTIMATED why? What does all this smart technology with its Inhouse display (IHD) actually do. It seems nothing. I will be leaving Bulb as their sales pitch is not honest giving promises of ease of usage, no need to read meters , what a load of lies and rubbish. I welcome an explanation from Bulb.

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had problems with your smart meters. If they are first generation smart meters installed by another supplier then we wouldn’t be able to communicate with them and would need you to submit manual meter readings. If they were installed by us we can request the meters to send us readings more regularly so smart reads are used on your statements. Your IHD should show your usage, if it’s not let me know. Thanks.

Bulb email me every month about my reading and I just look the readings up on the smart meter then put them into the place provided. Was your meter supplied by Bulb or another energy provider?

I’ve had this too! My readings are accurate but still the estimated ones are used. This doesn’t take into account that people might be trying to save energy! I will be sending in a picture next time!

Chloe. The IHD is a second generation , with the update , IHD6-cad-ppmid-1.4cad1.9. I have been in contact with Bulb and also chameleon. Nobody can cure the problem. Bulb tall me chameleon are working on a solution , chameleon are not at all helpful saying basically its Bulbs set up that is at fault. I changed because of the easy access to budgets ,and usage, and of course meter readings. NON OF THE ADVANTAGES WORK. I suggested a replacement IHD , answer NO. I reset the system using the 3 box method as per the website, result, no change. I have given Bulb until the end of march to sort out the problems after that I am moving to a new supplier, I only have done that after a promise of £30 credit (which I am still waiting for along with the warm home discount as approved by the DWP). Meanwhile,my toleration levels are dropping rapidly.

Bulb organised everything, gas meter , elctricity meter installation along with IHD.

Where do you live?, smart meters in certain areas have a habbit of dropping out and not pairing etc.

How often does your IHD update, half hourly, daily, weekly or monthly?

Have you tried taking the wire out and battery out of the IHD and leaving it for 10 mins and putting it back together and leaving it on the electric meter so it can self pair itself.

An replacement IHD will not work if your meters are not communicating bulb would require them to replace them and have an engineer to repair them while hes at your house.

If hes unable to pair them then herridge (normal) meter would have to go back in.

Regarding the WHD its a government scheme which bulb would have to wait for your application to get confirmed you are entitled to. Again this can normally be anytime up untill the end of March 2020. You cant bite the hand which feeds you.

Hello Neotheone.
My area is North Norfolk although I dont see what bearing that has. I have no idea what time scale of upload / update was used on the IHD. It sounds a good idea to take the battery out and , for want of a better expression, reboot the IHD. How does one take the battery out , it looks like a sealed unit. All this problem started after a short power cut so I am beginning to think it is a meter fault as I understand the meter contains the comms unit. Re the WHD , the DWP assure me that Bulb has received all the needed information and confirmations and it is the company (Bulb) that are dragging their heels.

Iwas emailed by Bulb last night after complaining about estimated bills im on smart 2 installed by bulb months ago they now tell me my gas smsrt 2 is not working .they allso estimated that ive used 220 pounds of energy in one month impossible one owner not in a lot heating of when not at home .will be leaving when they sort .

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It is not possible to remove the battery as it would mean breaking the seal on the units screws which of course will invalidate any guarantees. I will however unplug the IHD and allow its battery to run down to flat. This will I hope will reboot the IHD when plugged in again. I fail to understand why Bulb dont send an engineer as the problem seems nation wide with little or no success of the problem being rectified.

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It is now March 1st, please update me as to exactly what bulb are doing to reactivate my IHD. I am not prepared to wait week after week, if the equipment or your system is faulty please admit it and not put out general excuses and blame another company…

  1. what action is bulb undertaking.
  2. How long do you estimate repairs or replacements will be.
    3.Do you expect the client i.e. ME, to simply wait whilst the services that were sold to me , do not work.
    4.Do Bulb operatives understand the “sale of goods act” as this will be invoked if my equipment and services sold by you to me are not repaired in the extremely near future.
  3. Are you able to give me a firm date for the repair/replacements to enable me to use the service which I am having problems with.
    M Bullen.

1 as little as possible
2your guess is as good as anybodys
4 yes(but only if it applies to t-shirts)
5 we can supply you with any date your heart desires but there is no guarantee of accuracy
BTW you put 3 think you meant 5, mind you that would be close enough for bulb

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Skippy no disrespect mate but these problems are serious when one is paying for a service and not receiving it.

As an update the IHD has started halfheartedly to work. It is giving me all GAS readings etc but NO ELECTRICITY INFO FROM THE METER. So whoever is pushing the buttons at bulb get the IHD to fully work now. I will be moving supplier if the system is not up and running at the deadline I set previously.


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