Why first bill so early also welcome bonus is not credited to my account yet.

Hi Team,
I am new customer to bulb , the new bulb is starting on this 4th March , though 1st month is not over still there is However there is bill is generated of £34.97 to my account, Usually the bill will come by month end not at the beginning , Kindly sort this out

Hi @Basavaraj ,

I’m not a Bulb member of staff (just another customer like you on this public community forum) - if you need to contact Bulb directly, plese see How to get in touch – Bulb .

However, to answer your question - this should have been explained to you on signup and the ‘Well hello there!’ email you received from Bulb and in their help page entry at Your first payment – Bulb :

Your first payment will be taken on the date you switch to Bulb, 21 days after you signed up. And this will be your payment date going forward.

After your first payment, you can change your payment date in your Bulb Account through the the ‘Payment Settings’ button in ‘Payments & statements’.

Why do we take payments in advance?
Upfront payments let us be smarter when buying your energy, so we can pass more savings on to our members.

Once you’ve switched to Bulb, we’ll take monthly payments from your bank account which will build up credit in your Bulb Account. Every month we’ll use this credit to pay for the energy you’ve used.