Why fit smart meters if you know they are not reliable?

2 days since installation, sitting on top of the meter itself and it’s about as much use as a chocolate fireplace. Why do you push for these useless pieces of kit to be installed if you are well aware that they are faulty? Don’t try to fob me off with the usual excuses that have been shown on the discussion posts a hundred times as it is obvious for all to see that they don’t work. When will someone take responsibility, hold they’re hands up and say “ ok we’ve cocked up” because you have…/

Same here, fobbed of with numerous excuses, been told that my meters were commissioned and I was on the waiting list for a fix,then told that they weren’t commissioned and I would have to wait for an engineer to visit, but that would be months away,now I’ve been told that the meters were commissioned and I was back on the waiting list for a fix.
And as from yesterday the option to send meter readings via the app or PC has been removed
Total joke of a company!!

Hi @Balders and @Johno,

I’m sorry that you’ve had such a poor experience with us.

I’d recommend following these instructions if you haven’t already.

For us to be able to communicate with your IHD please do the following:

Restart your IHD using the power button on the back
Plug the IHD in within 5 metres of your electricity meter
Leave the IHD plugged in so it has power

Bulb will send some commands to your In-Home Display in the next 48 hours which should trigger your usage to appear.

Please let us know that your IHD is ready to receive these commands by reporting this in your Bulb account using this link - https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/smart/ihd-issues

Failing this I’d recommend draining it of power and then re-charging it.

If your IHD isn’t showing usage within 48 hours of reporting it, feel free to get back to me and we can investigate further.



Oisin are you joking? How about a new fob off excuse because 48 hours is getting boring now