Why give readings if you always estimate?

I always give a gas meter reading each month around the date it asks me, but then my statements are always estimates. Why is this?
I have sent pictures the last 2 times because the app doesn’t believe me. If you kept up to date with my readings maybe you’d believe me!!

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You need to get bulb on the phone on Monday. I think.
Contact details are displayed in the help section.
In the meantime. Do you use the bulb app or submit readings on a desktop?
There is nothing against you submitting a reading at any point. (Just need a couple to verify that its legit)

If this is the case, submit a reading. Check back in an hour or two and see if your reading has been accepted. Once you have one on the system it should then allow you to submit as normal. This is usually 3 days before your payment goes out of your account.

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It’s using the app on Android. I get emails saying thanks for the submission.

Ok, that’s one thing. Then, when you go to this tab in the app, what do you see against the most recent readings?

Estimates against the gas readings!

Have you resolved this?
We are having exactly the same issue…and Bulb in capable to responding to emails

No. I only have the above discussion going on. Went down the email route before and it took over 3 months and didn’t answer question then either.

I have now gone down the route of making a complaint to Bulb. Their not recording / accepting meter readings is a serious issue.

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Yeh same happened again this month. It makes the app pointless. Bulb seems to be falling apart in both customer support and ability to deliver working systems (the app isnt the only thing not working well, but I won’t go off topic here).