Why has my monthly payment increased?

I have only just joined Bulb in the last month and have already had my monthly payment increased. I don’t have a smart meter and am yet to submit any meter readings, and I have received emails from Bulb telling of reduced energy prices, so how can Bulb determine that I owe more?


Thanks, that link that has two explanations that both emphasise my point nicely.

1 We are now in spring, the days are longer and warmer, thus decreasing energy usage. Also, without having meter readings, how can Bulb estimate my usage?

2 Energy cost has recently decreased, so how can my bill go up?

Ahh, I just spoke with the Bulb helpline who explained that their email yesterday wasn’t revising my monthly payment. It is merely a statement where they estimate I have used more energy than covered by my monthly payment. This is usual during the winter months, and I will use less energy in the summer months.
The person on the phone was very helpful, and patiently explained the process.

I think many customers go in to panick mode until they understand how the system works.
Many confuse the DD payment with their bill.
I am pleased they sorted it for you and thanks for coming back on and giving an update.