Why have you removed the date from the reading input page?

The meter readings page has had a weird makeover:

  1. A decimal point has been added to electricity readings - when you don’t have one for gas (where it is probably needed).

  2. You have removed the ability to add the date of the reading - which is a tad irritating if I collect readings from, say, my Mother’s meter and then input them in a day or two later.

This doesn’t really matter now, but if you want to extend the functionality of the energy usage page - say, to indicate efficiency based on type of property and weather conditions etc, then you will be needing more accurate input not less.


Hi @paul8134

The decimal point was added to make it clearer to read the meter straight from the meter. The decimal point on some electricity meters is very small and we received some readings that were 10 times the correct value.

The date of a reading is a feature that although carries value in the example provided, the majority of readings would be taken on the date of the reading being provided and in addition to that, when you provide a reading after receiving a statement and you put in the date the reading was taken (prior to the statement being sent) the reading actually just goes in the day after the closing read on the statement.

We try to avoid resending statements after the initial one has been sent. We think it’s simpler to see the correction to the reads next month around.

Having said all of this, we are looking for feedback on changes, so I have passed on your thoughts to the tech team.


I don’t like the removal of the date. Especially for gas readings, where many customers seem to be having issues.

I entered both electricity and gas readings on 1 Jan, but for whatever reason, only the electricity reading registered. Due to the extra validation step with gas readings, this did not become apparent till I rechecked a few days later. At that point, there was no way to enter the correct date for the gas reading.


Weirdly, I actually found it more confusing at first - because my own Gas meter has a digit after the decimal point (which you don’t collect) and that decimal value has a higher cost, than that on an Electricity meter. Additionally, my Mothers meter (from which I also collect readings) has two digits after the decimal point - so the design change rather jars - even though it is neither here nor there.

Keep up the good work though - great to see that you respond and take all input on board - which really is starting to set your brand apart.


Hi @nickp

I see your situation, I think in your case, the gas reads not going in because of validation is best solved by us completing that for you, which is something we are always looking to improve. If the read came through to us, you won’t need to re-enter the reading for the 1st, as you’ve already done it once and the complication is on our end.

And @paul8134 , it’s un-winnable as there isn’t a standard number of decimal points or a standard way of showing the decimal point at the moment. We’ll keep trying to find the best solution to this difficulty though!

And @paul8134 , it's un-winnable as there isn't a standard number of decimal points or a standard way of showing the decimal point at the moment. We'll keep trying to find the best solution to this difficulty though!
What information can you get about a meter by knowing its MPRN? Although it would need a database of meters, perhaps you could have a few standard form designs which change based on the customer's MPRN, and a default one if the meter format is not yet in the database?

I don’t like the loss of the date option either. My other house is provided by OVO and its reading input screen is much more helpful. I also seem to be missing a gas meter reading I provided on 12 Jan.

@TonyBrett, can you provide a screenshot (without any personal information) of their more helpful input reading screen?

I’m sure Bulb would love to see what you feel is superior and how they might be able to do theirs better.

@mowcius The only thing useful that you get is the number of dials, but that ignores the figures past the decimal point that can vary across meter types.

Spoken to some of the team who are working on this. We have taken into account the huge range of meter types in putting together the meter reading entry page, so everyone’s page should be slightly different to match their number of dials of their meter and the number of decimal points on the reading. It’s not always possible as some meters are listed as “Unknown” so there may be some cases where the page isn’t as bespoke as we would like.

@TonyBrett I’ve loaded that read in for you now

It's not always possible as some meters are listed as "Unknown" so there may be some cases where the page isn't as bespoke as we would like.
In line with the improvements to the help system, could you have a "my meter readings don't appear to fit into this page" option (but phrased better) on the meter submission page that auto-generates an email and/or directs to the help pages?

Hi - here’s a screenshot from the OVO app. The drop down lets you go back up to 5 days for the reading so today I can input a reading on any date from 20 Jan to today.