Why hike my winter payments when I gave you a full years figures of current usage

When I applied to switch I gave you my full years usage for both gas and electricity which I just got from EON. Your quote then comes back as a monthly fee to cover that amount of usage. So therefore why do you need to hike me by 20% if over a year you will get your money?
I would prefer to give regular readings and keep my payment at the regular price and if I need to pay more later will do. I already know I am a high energy user. Please advise.

Hi @spindr64 I’ve just changed your payments to stay at the lower amount throughout winter. As you said, it’ll be a good idea to take regular meter readings so that you stay on top of it.

We recommend the winter increase so that people don’t fall into debt over the winter. Normally people build up a nice credit buffer over summer, so this isn’t necessary. It’s completely optional, so we’re always happy to remove it if you’d prefer, which I have done for you.

All the best,

Many thanks Will. One more thing. Your site states you are testing smart devices to monitor your electricity consumption. I am a high user as you can see and would very much like to get on to that scheme to work out where I am over using electricity. Is this something you can arrange for me?

Sure @spindr64, we’re trialling energy monitors at the moment. We can put you on the list for the next batch when we order more in. We don’t have any in stock right now, so it’ll be a little while.

Many thanks Matt. I am hell bent on getting my energy usage down so that will help a great deal. It’s not just the cost but my carbon footprint.