Why is an electricity (from renewable sources only) client affected by a rise in gas prices?

In the process of switching just now. I expected a rise but puzzled about the explanation. I am electricity only. How does a rise in gas prices affect electricity prices from renewable (non-gas) sources? Of have I misunderstood the whole concept of electricity from renewable sources. Please could this be explained? Apologise if this has been asked elsewhere but I’m not computer savvy and this type of discussion is alien to me.

Please see https://bulb.co.uk/blog/energy-price-watch-changes-to-our-energy-prices-sept for an explanation why electricity prices have risen.

Hi @LindaP - Allanr has given a really good source there that I’ve been sharing with lots of our members here, but if you have any more questions feel free to reply back, or shoot me a private message.