Why is bulb asking me to pay more?

I am already in credit and have been all summer , yet I am being asked to pay more monthly , I put meter readings in fortnightly so know exactly how much energy I am using yet you guys seem to want me to be in credit all year round ? I assume you generate quite a lot of working capital having all your customers in credit all year round ?

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Hi @pxdavies :wave:

Welcome to Bulb Community!

At Bulb, we take payments in advance. And we aim to keep your payments the same throughout the year. As summer usage is generally lower, your account should be building up credit during the summer months, instead of repaying debit from the winter.

We calculate your payments based on your energy usage and the current balance in your Bulb account

To make sure you’re paying the right amount:

  • We take your estimated annual cost and divide it by 12 to give us a monthly amount
  • If your account balance is lower or higher than it should be, we adjust your payments to make sure you’re not paying too much or too little

We’ve written an article to explain more about how payments work.

Cara :bulb:

I’ve just had an email telling me I’m in deficit, I know, but my monthly payments aren’t covering my bill. So if I top up with £712. I’ll be back to normal. Erm, 1) if I had £712, then I would use it to make a lump sum payment and 2) my payments do cover my monthly bill.
Not sure if a scam, or someone being rather cheeky.

Hi @JB_1905 :wave:

Welcome to community and thanks for posting.

I’ve just had a look in your account, and at the email that you received about topping up. That certainly looks incorrect - I’m very sorry about that. Looking at your account balance, I definitely wouldn’t expect you to top all that up in one go (nor is it necessary). That was computer generated, and having had a look at your account balance, you do not need to top that much up in one go.

As you say, your current payments are more than covering the debit in your account. You’re covering your usage, and paying back a significant amount towards the debit each month. Your current payment looks spot on.

I’m really sorry about that email. If you are interested in topping up your account, to get you back into credit, and then reducing your payments slightly then please do let us know. Otherwise, it’d be fine by us if you continued with your current payment amount until your account is back in credit.

Any questions, please let us know.

Take care,

Niamh :bulb:

Thanks for your reply Niamh. Yeah, I’m fine as they are, well as you can be in the circumstances. High amount was originally caused by no bills bring generated after new smets2 were fitted and prior to that I was unable to provide a gas reading as the meter display gave up. Still, all sorted now and I’ll wait until winter to decide what adjustments I’ll make to payments.
Thanks again