Why is bulb not answering

I am disappointed with bulb i joined them on November 25 and after several calls text on chat and even emailed head office I still have not got an electricity key I have now had enough

Firstly if you are getting a bit low on leccy your old key will still work.
Secondly this has been an ongoing problem witrh bulb despite what they may/may not say, it appears to be a breakdown in communication between blub and their key supplier.
Covid is not really a Valid excuse, as although they may be “working” from home, they still should be working the allotted hours and they have actually increased C/S staff since March. This problem with keys is pre-covid

Hi @Mikey59,

Firstly I’d like to apologise that you have not received a response from us yet. We are experiencing higher inflow than usual which has affected our response times slightly!

Nonetheless I have sent you an email now, and will be sure to get this sorted for you as promptly as possible.

I hope to hear from you,

Best wishes,

Out of interest do you publish any stats relating to time to respond to emails or answer the phones?