Why is 'chat with us' a lie?

I used to think you guys were great. Then I tried to move you as my supplier to my new home and now I’m feeling let down and frustrated.

I had already moved house once before and taking Bulb with me was no issue. NOW though, things seem to have changed. Once I decide to move, you decide to end the account with me… and then it seems I had to go through the whole sign up process again… for no reason.

Not only this, it is clear to me that your telephone customer services are a scam. In no way are you ‘trying to get to my call’ as soon as you can. In fact after a wait of around 5 minutes, the line goes dead. Not only that, but your ‘online chat’ is just as serious of presupposed questions and no sign of the chat window.

Bulb used to be so good. Now, I have very few positives to say about it.