Why is customer support so terrible?!

I’ve been trying to contact bulb for the last week or so. Emails go unanswered, live chat is always busy and holding lines for call is too long.

I am being billed this weekend. I have submitted meter readings which have not been approved. I uploaded photos as they were lower than expected (since currently the final housemate has not moved in). I do not want to be billed based on an estimate like the previous month (for which I also submitted readings!!).

Customer support service is awful. I regret switching already


This has not been my experience. I used chat and my issue was resolved fairly quickly. Perhaps it’s the time of day you try to make contact. Mine was probably early evening. Tristan was a gem.


They were very prompt in replying when I had general questions about readings and credit (as in they emailed me back on the same day). But I’ve just noticed in the last week, they’ve not replied at all to me when I’ve got a genuine issue…I’ve just been getting automated “we’re busy” emails


I have the same problem, no answers to my emails, except automated responses saying they will reply, I can’t get on live chat. I got through on the phone line in late August and was told SMART tariff would be ready in early September and SMART meter would be sorted in Oct - so far no improvement or response. I have said I will swap company if I get no response, Octopus here I come :slight_smile:


They need easy access to chat line, which should operate 24/7, as we use gas and electricity 24/7


Unfortunately I have found exactly the same. Sent many e-mails querying payment dates etc, no reply. Made phone calls changing details only to log in and find nothing’s changed. I joined Bulb on 23rd September and will be leaving 26th October.


Yeah, I’m considering switching again…shame, I liked the renewable energy aspect of it

Too big, too quick. That’s why.

Happens to all of the decent independents. They’ll get better, just takes a little while.

When I joined and had issues - phone call straight through and live chat great.
Now I can never get on live chat and emails take 8 to 10 days for a (not overly helpful) reply.


Could you elaborate?

Could you elaborate more than “supposedly”? I haven’t received any such notification and haven’t seen an increase in charges yet. Where have you seen this?

Posts are being edited so things are getting a little confusing, but at least this new forum has version control and we can see the changes.

I doubt your bills are going up by 63%.

Are you perhaps confusing your direct debit payment with the bill? They are not the same thing.

I couldn’t agree more with this. Customer response used to be excellent, I’ve also been waiting over a week for a reply to an email. Online chat isn’t working, the phone wait time is over 20 minutes. This feels like a company that’s either growing too quickly or one that has stopped caring. Time to switch I think! Suggest others do the same, then maybe they might wake up. It’s just not good enough.


@idkidc @nobrien000 @addunne @david; we’re sorry that you had to wait a long time for a response to your email, you’ll have all received a reply today.

Bulb have been experiencing large amounts of growth recently, but we know that these sort of wait times are not acceptable. We’ve been working hard to improve them and have been investing heavily into our staff.

We’ve been hiring A LOT of new agents, who are going through an improved training process to ensure that they’re completely up to scratch before answering your queries. Our developers have also been building new tools to support our agents and maximise our efficiency. Service is the number one priority for the company, and we’re excited for you to start seeing these improvements very soon.

This will also reflect onto Community, where more agents will be available to respond to potential issues. In the meantime, feel free to drop me a message, or a tag, if there’s something that I can help with.

@cransett - I can see that you’ve called up this morning and managed to resolve your issue. Please let me know if you need anymore help with that.

Couldn’t agree more. Absolute shambles since we tried to switch our business supply from Scottish Power.
No reply to e-mails, direct debit taken before confirmation that we even have an account…just not what we were expecting and certainly would not recommend to others.
Hoping things will improve but looks like we’ll be switching before long.

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I’ve had really good service from bulb until recently. I’ve been trying to get in touch with them via chat and haven’t been able to for the last three days. I’ve tried at various different times.

I currently have two service desk tickets open. One from today, and another from 18 days ago that is still waiting a response. The difference between the two request IDs is 244937. That’s 13607 service desk tickets per day.

13607 service desk tickets per day!

@William_at_Bulb please add me to your list of people who have outstanding queries - and am getting incredibly frustrated with the lack of response.

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I finally got a reply to email pictures of the meters which I have done so. Now I got a reply saying they need a picture of the gas meter in the actual property, as they seem to think I’ve emailed the meter picture for my other account based in another city. I have no other account…they seriously think I emailed a picture of a meter in a completely different property?!

Yeah I found it was really good support till I switched.
Still waiting for my bill for this month as should be around 11th and tomorrow is 15th but live chat is still busy. I get they had massive growth but it will decline as quick if it’s not sorted soon.

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