WHY is it so difficult to change the e-mail address for the Community page?

Why, oh WHY is it so impossible to change your personal email address for the Bulb Community page?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: :triumph:
You can easily change the contact email address on your main Bulb account page where ALL of your personal info (including bank details!!) are kept but NOT for the Community page! :roll_eyes: :no_mouth:
The seems ass backwards if it is for ‘security’ purposes.
I am sending an email to help@bulb to see if this helps so wish me luck and :crossed_fingers:

So, I sent an email to request that my email address in ‘my account’ on the Community page is changed to reflect the one that is used with my main account and here is the reply I received…

Hi decembersangel,
Thanks for getting in touch and I hope you’re well.
I have gone over your account and can tell you that your email address for the Community page is linked to the same one as your Bulb account.
If you have troubles logging in you can always reset your password through the community page.
If there is anything else please feel free to pop us a mail.

As you can see this was not helpful at all.

  1. Yes, I can access the Community page via the main account page when I log in but the email address registered in ‘my account’ on the Community page is no longer accessible to me (as it is with my old internet provider) and therefore I no longer get any email notifications from this page so it needs to be changed :disappointed:.
  2. There isn’t a problem with logging in, as I stated in my email to ‘Bulb help’ it’s about a simple change of email address :triumph:
  3. Even though I pointed out 1) and 2) in my reply to this information I have yet to have it answered or even to get this simple thing sorted out.
    I give up :roll_eyes: :triumph: :joy: