Why is it so difficult to get someone from bulb to contact me


Do other people have problems with trying to get someone from bulb to contact them?

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Bulb don’t work weekends for a start, so you’re not going to get a response to any community postings until at least Monday.

They’re woefully understaffed of late, which combined with WFH due to the ongoing pandemic, means they’re much much slower than they used to be to respond to direct communications as well.

Hey @alanhodkin1 We are sorry to hear you have had some issues with contacting us.

I can see you have an open email thread with our colleague. I appreciate you have been waiting for a response on the situation regarding the account, I have left detailed notes explaining you have been in touch on our community page and we will be getting back to you regarding this.

Thanks for your patience while we investigate this and we apologise for the inconvenience caused by the delay.


It is all but impossible to get a response from Bulb these days.
When I first went to Bulb Energy they were like a breathe of fresh air compared to any energy supplier I’d ever used, now it appears as if customer satisfaction is of no rleevance to them and it’s all gone very stale. I have an outstanding issue with them regarding my gas usage going back to JUNE 2020 and can’t get a response at all now from them. Can’t help but think i’ve been more than patient and sense it is time to contact Ofgen and lodge a complaint

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I have complained numerous times via e-mail and have absolutely no response to any of them.
My gas bills are astronomicaland Bulb won’t reply. I got through to someone via the phone (eventually) who agreed to have my meter changed bruit then won’t reply.
Its got so bad that I’ve started an OFGEM complaint.
I told Bulb this and still nothing.
There are a disgrace…
I am absolutely furious with the unprofessionalnature of this organisation.
Lets see if I get a response to this.!!!

Yes… they don’t. Try OFGEM

Hi @alan.gordon002 :wave:

We are sorry to hear this. Our customer service has not been up to scratch lately but we are making continuous improvements to get this sorted.

I can see that you got in touch to say that your gas meter read was not increasing. This has happened to a few smart meters and we currently cannot replace these meters as we are waiting for OFGEM’s new policy. In the meantime we will bill to estimated meter reads based off your previous consumption, this also takes into consideration season variability.

If you would like to escalate the complaint to the Ombudsman you can do. You just need to email us to request a deadlock letter, you will then use this to go to the Ombudsman.

Sorry I can’t give you better news.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Hi @johnprimmer,

I’m really sorry you aren’t having a positive experience with Bulb. We understand these sort of wait times aren’t acceptable and we’re working hard to improve them. Bulb have been hiring lots of new agents and have designed an extensive training process to ensure fast response and quality of work are both upheld.

I have taken a look into the complaint emails with my colleague, and have been in touch with them to prompt a response.

Do let us know if we can help any further however.


Stop sending me daft letters about charging me £15 for late payment. Your lucky to be getting anything. All your doing is making me ill,so less of the crap text’s about taking this and that,I will drag you through every court if I have to. I’ve always paid so leave it at that.

Hi @joodmcg :wave:

I have taken a look at your account and we had a couple of missed payments in Feb and March and so this is why you received an email about a late payment fee.

I can see your payments are set back up and so this is not something you need to be concerned about moving forward.

Let me know if you have any questions about this,

– KT :bulb: