Why is my bill constantly increasing! I'm fuming very unhappy customer!

Why is my bill constantly increasing???

Hi @grierward123 and welcome to our Community :bulb:

I’m going to send you an email now and I can look into your recent statements.

Thankyou top man! I appricate it.

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Hi @grierward123, I’ve removed your last comment due to the offensive language. I’ve sent you an email and I can help explain your recent statements. Please can you refrain from using offensive or abusive language on this community.

I don’t want emails! Can you just tell me why it’s increasing every month! Simple question, I’m not using any more electric than usual so why is it increasing everytime???

For data security reasons, I need you to verify your details in the email I sent you before I can discuss your account.

You want my name and address?

Yes please can you these details and the other security questions as a reply to the email sent. Please do not send them here as it is a public forum.

I’ve done it, can you cheak it please

Hi @grierward123,

I can’t see your email, please can you send it again.