Why is my bill so expensive?


Me and my sister have recently moved into a 2 bed apartment. We were told that the last tenants elec bill was £122 a month and that would be our estimate. It’s been a week and our usage is £70 so by the end of the month, we will be way over £122. We gave bulb the meter reading the first day we moved in too.

I don’t understand why it’s so high. We haven’t used our TVs yet. We don’t use the dishwasher that’s installed, we only use the washing machine a few times during the week and air dry our clothes. Lights always get turned off too.

We will be switching to a different provider but I just wanted to see if anyone has an idea as to why it’s so high.

Thank you

Is the flat heated with electric wall heaters? I lived in a flat for 6 months over winter a few years ago, and that only had electric heaters, and they were old and inefficient, so electricity usage was ridiculous.

Thanks for your reply.
No we have regular radiators but the boiler is electric.

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I can see on your account the meter read that has been entered is not the on the day you moved in. I am going to send you an email so we can make any adjustments that are needed.

Also how did you work out the £70 usage? I want to check that this is accurate.

Thank you,

Thank you Mel, that would be great.

It tells me on the app, how much I’ve used.

Do a daily read, get your prices from the tariff tab at the top of the dashboard, the prices include VAT so if you don’t have a Smart meter the reading will have to be worked adding and multiplying and dividing certain figures, with a smart meter you just take the reading at the start of the day from the reading at the end of the day then multiply by the price per kWh then add the daily charge. Apart from certain other uses during the week like washing you just multiply that daily figure by 7 for the approx weekly usage. For example 3kWh with a price per kWh of 16p and a daily charge of 23p would give a daily usage of 71p per day or £4.97 per week and a 31 day monthly charge of £22.01 do the same for the gas.

Will do. Thank you for your reply!