Why is my electric estimate always the same as my last reading?

Why is my electric estimate always the same as my last reading i.e. it estimates I use 0 electric each month.

@dempster85 it was an odd bug relating to how our billing system treated your meter. (It thought of it as de-energised, even though in reality it is clearly energised.) I think I solved the issue. Thanks for your understanding with this very bizarre billing problem.

This stopped for a month but has now reverted back to 0 estimated electric use each month. Any more help?

Hi @dempster85

We incorrectly received an update to your meter details that changed the meter back to De-Energised. I’ve corrected this and checked that the national database is showing your meter as energised, so this won’t happen again.

I’ve just had my estimate for this month and it is the same as my last reading again.

@dempster85 if you could send your correct meter readings to help@bulb.co.uk we will get these sorted

This is still happening and when I enter a reading in the app for electric a message something like that is high but we’ll check it and update readings comes up. The reading is never successfully updated though. Quite frankly I’m tired of all the problems I’m getting with my electricity readings.