Why is my electricity bill so high?

Hello Bulb,

My September bill was £36.47. My October bill was £167.49, £164.19 of which was electricity.

There has been, to my knowledge, no increase in electricity usage during this period which would account for a nearly 5-fold increase in our energy tariff. I have provided updated meter readings throughout.

Is there anyway you can help? Perhaps by looking into why our bill has increase so much month-on-month?

Thank you in advance,



Purely as another customer, was your October bill based on your actual meter readings, or did any of your reading shows as estimated?

@SStevenson It looks like the reading you gave on the 9th of October may be the cause of this. We hadn’t had readings from you for several months and it looks like the estimates were too low.

If you are able to give frequent meter readings that will make sure that you don’t receive bills based on inaccurate estimates.