Why is my first electric meter reading showing as an estimate when I provided an actual reading?

I’ve just been checking my account and for some reason my first electric meter reading is showing as an estimate when I know I definitely entered an actual reading. I’ve also been entering electric meter readings monthly and none of them are showing on my account.

The initial estimated meter reading is also causing me a problem with my previous supplier who still has not closed my electric account and given me a refund until the estimate has been verified. Really annoying as I provided the readings when they were requested. Please advise.

Hi @susan7845, thanks for getting in touch.

What happened was that there was a delay on us receiving the technical details for your electricity meter, so your readings didn’t enter onto your account as they should have done and an estimate was generated.

We’ve now sent off a dispute to your previous supplier to have your reading corrected, and I’ll enter all your monthly readings since your switch. I’m sorry for the palaver, but as soon as your previous supplier accept our dispute they’ll be able to send over your refund.