Why is my first gas reading for Bulb listed as estimated even though I provided a reading?


I’ve just checked my bulb account and noticed that my gas reading is incorrect. I provided my first gas and electricity reading on 04/09/2017 per bulb’s request but instead of the actual gas reading that I provided, bulb has listed an estimated reading instead. I am happy to provide photos of my gas and electricity meters which show the correct readings. Can someone explain why this has happened and what I can do to rectify it, please?

Hi Nicola! @nicola9045

Sorry about this! It basically comes down to an industry oddity where estimates are generated automatically by the industry and sent out to both the new supplier and the old supplier when you switch. The estimate came in a little bit late this time and replaced the reading you gave us.

So the estimated reading is the one that your old supplier is using to close your account, so we have to use that reading as well. And because it’s pretty close (only 22 units higher), we can’t raise an official dispute to get this changed.

Instead, we’ll keep using the estimate, and you’ll just show as being in negative usage with us until your gas meter reading reaches the level it’s been estimated to. So we’re basically paying you back for the 22 units difference, so you won’t get charged twice for anything :slight_smile:

Hope that helps, but just ask if you’ve got any questions :slight_smile: