Why is my IHD constantly making "pipping" noises?

IDH and smart meter installed 16 April. Neither have worked to date. But for the last seven hours my IDH has been making “pipping” noises and constantly flicks between ‘account information’ and ‘waiting for bill pages’ on the electricity segment of the IDH. I have done nothing to set this off and have no emails or contact from Bulb to explain what is happening. Has anybody on the forum got any Clue?

Finally stopped last night but has this afternoon restarted “pipping” and flicking between pages on the electricity segment. At one stage it was going berserk flashing between all different pages. I would ask bulb for an explanation but I have numerous email request to them which have not been answered and do not want to waste more time asking them another question. They seem unable to tell me if the smart meter readings are reaching them although none appear to be shown on my account.

This is a long shot, but have you tried cleaning the display? If it’s in a kitchen there’s a good chance a rogue bit of dirt is confusing the capacitive touch interface. Failing that, it sounds like it’s faulty.

My IHD has also just started beeping. It stops if I disconnect the IHD from the mains but has now ‘locked up’ and no buttons have any effect on changing the on screen display. The unit is only around4 weeks old and I am assuming it is faulty and needs replacing.

My IHD has also started beeping and now shows welsh! Maybe it got too hot!

Tried to reset to English but now screen frozen with ‘info cleared - device turning off message’ which it clearly isn’t as reset button unresponsive!