Why is my monthly payment being taken as a card payment instead of a direct debit?

I signed up for a monthly direct debit but after over 6 months of use I realise that the payments towards Bulb are being taken as debit card payments from my account instead of regular direct debits that have been setup for Bulb. This is odd.

The problem is that my bank gives me cashback for direct debit payments to an energy company and because Bulb is collecting money via card payment instead of a regular direct debit, I am losing out on money. Please sort this out immediately to collect payments as direct debit.

Also wonder how you will compensate me for the cashback I’ve lost as a result over the last 7 months.

Hi @Tanurag, as Bulb specifically inform you when you sign up that they will take payments as a debit card payment, I don’t think you’ll have much luck with compensation.

3.8. You agree to pay for your energy by monthly automatic payment from your debit card, which you need to set-up as a condition of us working together and supplying your energy.

You can however change your account to pay by direct debit by visiting this link and filling in your details.

Hi @Tanurag

We’ve been taken the payments through the default debit card payment method as that was the method available at the time of your switch.

The option to switch to direct debit has always been available but it would have required you to let us know that you need to be paying for the bills on a direct debit, with only debit card details taken on the website when you switched.

I can see that you’ve switched to direct debit now, so all future payments will benefit from the cashback but we wouldn’t retrospectively add a credit card cashback reward.

Hi Rob, thanks for the feedback and your reply makes sense. The direct debit facility didn’t exist when I switched so I had to go with debit card payments. However when bulb I introduced DD it would have been good to be told that DD is available and I would have switched to it. Anyway, as you noticed I’ve moved to DD now however seem to have missed cashback on my energy bills DD that my bank gives me… and as you can make out that I love it so much.