Why is my payment higher than expected?

I have recently switched, based on a lower quote provided from Bulb to my regular suppliers, but now Bulb are taking monthly payments it’s now not the same as quoted. why is my payment now higher than expected and close to what I was paying before?

Hi @grahamdower, I can see that your account currently has the 20% optional winter uplift applied which we recommend when you join during the higher-usage winter months. We try to explain this during the switching process and in your Welcome Pack, but we understand that this is a slight change to what you’re used to and we’re working on explaining these things better.

What we quote you is a monthly average for your annual usage and so is a little high for your summer usage and low for winter. This usually leads to a build up of credit in summer which is used up in winter.

So when you join us during the colder months we recommend the winter uplift so that your account doesn’t automatically fall into debit as soon as we start supplying you with energy. The cost of energy remains the same, it just takes into account that you’re likely using a little more of it, and goes down automatically after March.

However, if you don’t think your winter consumption will be higher please let us know and we can talk about a different monthly payment for the winter.