Why is there no telephone contact?

After 4 months of being with bulb and paying £55 a month I was already £45 in credit so arranged to reduce my DD to £50. Now I get an email saying it’s going to automatically be increased to £69 with no option to discuss it with anyone. This is all becuae my previous supplier totally screwed my usage figures, (which is why I left them for Bulb), only to find that Bulb are using the same wholly inaccurate usage estimation algorithm, without the possibilty of contacting a representative to get it changed. Has anyone got a number I can call to speak to a human being?

To speak to a human being, please see: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001240291-How-can-I-get-in-touch-with-Bulb-

Also at the top of this forum page is a “Help” button when you click this at the bottom of the help page is also details of their telephone numbers.

In addition the telephone number is shown on your monthly statement.

Purely as another customer, if you have enough credit to pay for one months energy use in advance you should be able to keep your DD at the amount of £50.

However, you need to take into account Bulb’s price increase took effect yesterday, plus I would assume you will be using more energy during the winter months?

Out of interest have you been submitting your monthly meter readings a couple of days before your statement is prepared? This should help to knock your estimated usage figure into better shape?