Why Morrisons Data

I send my meter readings in like a good boy should, yesterday some bloke turned up and says he’s here to read my meters?
Morrisons utility !!
What’s going on with this administered company?
Even the email system to South Africa does not exist anymore , and all phone calls diverted to South Africa , this is crazy
And there is no one to talk to regarding my account anymore , it’s frustrating

There’s a few companies that provide meter readers services for all the energy suppliers. Morrisons is one, Lowri Beck is another, and there’ll be a couple of others.

All meters are supposed to be read by a meter reader at least once every two years.

Agreeing with you. Although Lowri-Beck actually never bothered to turn up to read my meter. I came across them with a previous energy provider. Lowri-Beck used to ring up once a year in almost abusive tones and leave a message that I must IMMEDIATELY leave a reading on their website. As part of the purpose of this check is to see that the customer is providing honest readings, and isn’t having problems which are causing honest mistakes, and that the meter is working properly, I could never see what value Lowri-Beck were providing by phoning for me to give the reading. Money for old rope comes to mind. Previous energy company was amongst the first to fail a year or so back. At least Morrisons is turning up and doing the job right.

I know of Lowri-Beck because I’ve had visits from them (actual visits, not phone calls), and I see their vans out on the road occasionally.