Why raise prices

How come “green energy” causes fluctuation in prices? Surely the costs of wind, solar and hydro power are not subject to the same volatility as conventional coal, gas, nuclear or oil ?

Sadly all the energy is sold and bought through the wholesale market. The Wholesale market price also increase the cost of renewables at this time. As more renewables come in, the effect gas prices have on the wholesale price will reduce.

Unfortunately, unlike Deutschland, the UK buys its energy on the ‘spot price’ market. Sensibly, Berlin has firm contracts with both Gazprom and Stavanger so their ‘transition’ when global wholesale prices rise is smoother than the UK’s + Gazprom consistently remains one of the cheaper suppliers/distributors.

Why discuss things ,the price is going up and that’s that! Get out and go elsewhere! It’s called “greed”!

Hi @pjb - Many of the other comments have explained that well underneath yours, but we’ve gone into a little more detail on our most recent blog if you’d like to have a read.


Why discuss things ,the price is going up and that's that! Get out and go elsewhere! It's called "greed"!
Potentially so, but if you think that the greed lies with Bulb, you're most likely mistaken. The greed is rampant in the wholesale energy industry and it's affecting all energy suppliers.

Everyone should consider other options regularly though. If you always want the absolute cheapest, you are normally best shopping around and changing frequently.