Why send email with link to sign in?

Hello everyone.

I have a question for Bulb and everyone else who might know. Why is the default sign in option to send an email with a clickable link instead of requesting a password? By habit I type in my email, hit enter, expect to type in my password only to find out an email has already been sent to me to sign in. Obviously not a major problem but aside from the practical aspect you also have to consider the environmental side of it. Emails (like most things) have a carbon footprint, caused by the servers transferring them and storing them for years. Now Bulb’s sign in email is only 43 kB so can’t cause more than a couple of grams of CO2 emissions according to these sources (Two Sides and Independent) but knowing the company’s green aspirations and failing to see the upside of this sign in method I wonder if we could simply keep both options but offer the password way first so we don’t keep creating emails needlessly.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi @Will_Guillaume

Thanks for getting in touch, it’s a good question and fair comments about the environmental aspect. We want to make it as easy as possible for our members to manage their energy, and in order to do this we need them to access their accounts. In the 21st century, lots of people have tens of passwords to remember, so we like to give people the option of passwordless entry if that is their preference.

It will be interesting to hear the thoughts of other Bulbers in the Community too!


I definitely agree with @Will_Guillaume on this one. I think it’s much quicker and more convenient to log in using a traditional email address and password.
I’m not saying that the passwordless option should not be alternative (for those who can’t remember their details), but I certainly don’t think that it should continue to be the default option. It’s just too ‘Clunky and Messy" as it stands currently.
So I vote to change it away from its current format!

I think the decision for offering the passwordless option first is that it’s something that everyone should be able to use to log in.
The password option is ready on the same page, but it’s not insisting on a password, which may cause our members to not log in as they don’t know their password.

I agree with you both that as someone that uses my password, it would be easier for me to have that option up first, but the priority in cases like this is always accessibility and having the passwordless option is really appealing to members that may not remember/not know their password.

Hope that gives you another view from our side @AnthonyO . We are also developing links that will sign you in from the emails we send, so you can avoid having to type your password in each time. 2 birds, 1 stone.

I can see how insisting on a password could be off-putting for people only occasionally logging in (although surely they would expect it before even attempting to log in and therefore would probably not even bother unless absolutely necessary) and agree the clickable email can be a practical alternative (I sometimes mix up my many passwords too) which is why I didn’t suggest we get rid of it. However, I think people not remembering their password would look for an alternative and click on it whether it was the first or second choice so I don’t think putting password as default would hinder accessibility at all. Here’s what I was thinking:

People automatically expecting a password can hit enter without accidentally creating an email and others looking for an alternative still have it right there. Winner winner, carbon saver.

Just switching to Bulb from British Gas. I find the log in rather odd as I am used to entering my email address and a password.
It took me a while to find out how to have a password but having done that I login with email and password.
I have to admit that I was beginning to wonder if I had made the right choice. Time will tell.

Hey John - we want our systems to be as easy to use as possible- cheers for your feedback. hopefully you’ll find that the grass is greener with Bulb! :wink:

@Will_Guillaume There’s some history to this.

When Bulb first introduced the clickable link the password sign in was removed completely and without warning. This led to considerable unrest within the Community until, after a fair bit of procrastination from Bulb, password sign in was reinstated as a secondary option.
They’re never going to change the default.

(Accidental duplicate please ignore)

(Accidental duplicate please ignore)

I love the passwordless entry, it’s definitely a better approach than managing lots of different passwords.

Other apps use this method too, including Monzo bank.

It seems strange to me that people want the password back just because “it’s what I am used to”. The first time I saw this new approach I thought “brilliant”, it just makes sense. Your email account is your password, you don’t need anything more.

@Ross_Scott my argument was habits but also environment as I know it’s a crucial aspect of this company. As I said before I never advocated deletion of the passwordless entry as I can see its perks.
@“Rob at Bulb” can I get any feedback on my priority reversal proposal?



Love the mock-up, it’s a great suggestion. I’ve posted this into an internal member feedback channel where we share great ideas like this.

It will definitely be looked into by the relevant teams but I wouldn’t be able to promise any change at this stage.

Thanks @“Rob at Bulb”! Keep us updated if you can :wink:

Hello @“Rob at Bulb”
I hadn’t logged in in a couple of weeks and what do I see today? You went for it! :smile: And it looks almost exactly like my mock-up too! :smiley:
Is there anything in particular that made the company change its mind in the end?
I’m glad you did anyway.


Hi @Will_Guillaume - Thanks for the kind words - We trialled both out with our members and they liked the password first option, so we made that the default - you’re still able to sign in with the email (we need this for people that join from Price Comparison Sites), but after that first login, passwords just seemed more comfortable, so we went for it.

Glad you liked it though, and thanks for all the feedback.

Just a small comment about logging into Bulb twice.

I find it unusual to have to sign into my Bulb account only to have to sign in again to access the community forums (This is using the Bulb app). Surely once you are securely signed into your Bulb account (verifying it is you by doing so), to have to sign in again to contribute in the community?

Kind regards john

@JoMar I agree it is a little bit cumbersome . Our community forums and the online account both run on different platforms which is why they require separate logins.