Why smart meter and bulb app have different usage

Hi, since the price rise i have been using my smart meter that plugs in to tell me my usage however it does not compare to the bulb app usage. Why is this? It isnt just a few pence difference

Also my gas is smart meter yet my bills are estimated, contacted bulb 3 times yet still the same



Yup me too. Any idea bulb?

Well the Smart Meter by definition is the measuring device so the local measurement taken by the electricity meter and IHD is whats used.
The app not being part of the meter should be ignored.

My understanding with a smart meter is that it sends live readings so i can have accurate billing. If the app can be ignored then why have it at all, this doesnt make sense to me. Be good to hear from bulb on here as to the reason.
Also for a fix on why my gas bills are estimated when i have a smart meter

What im saying is …
If you metered £10 of petrol into your car and the meter you used clearly displayed £10.
Then you went to the till where the meter had sent its reading and it was £15 you would query the miss match.
The till doesn’t measure or meter, the tagged and calibrated device on your incoming supply is the only thing you go by.
Thats why I said ignore the app.

You’re right Lindsey it would be good to hear from bulb.
If they respond with “at the moment our smart meters do not measure and display accurate usage”
Then everyone should challenge every past bill and demand their meter be calibrated and checked for accuracy, and refuse to pay any current or future bills until proof of measuring is absolutely accurate.

Any response from bulb please on both questions?

Bulb …
You need to address this issue before the end of the month.
My smart meter has all the new increased tariffs loaded “ checked and pictures taken” April 1st.
The app monthly total is still higher than the local metering equipment.
Please respond before the 1st of May to unsure smooth payments.

Gov uk guidance electricity-meter-accuracy-disputes

Check out the Government website where guidance to getting your electricity meter checked independently while Bulb attend and over see meter testing and assist with possible meter removal and new metering equipment installed.

I think with photographic proof of smart devices having new increased tariffs loaded from April 1st and the suddenly since that date meter/app mismatches I’m hoping bulb will accept the app higher mismatch as their own technical glitch before costly independent meter calibration checks are imposed upon them.