Why will Bulb not respond to any emails?

I’ve been waiting since the 19th for an update and still haven’t heard a thing.

Hey @davidk.nolan

Sorry that we have not got back to your email regarding your meter photos and usage.

I will ask the colleague to get back to you on this ASAP regarding this as we appreciate this is important.


While your at it you can respond to mine. Shocking service here.

Same. All I get is an automated response, tried several times now but it picks out key words and responds automatically.

Can’t seem to get a response from a person.

Hey @PoweredByVeg and @alexguy1804!

@PoweredByVeg - I’ve asked Lou to reply to your email now so you should get that through this morning!

@alexguy1804 - I’ve sent you a reply to an email now, so please take a look at that and we can go from there.

All the best,

Don’t worry here guys, I’m just still sitting with my thumb up my backside waiting on any form of reply.