Why will Bulb NOT update the National Database with my correct Gas Meter Serial No

In 2019 had my old imperial Gas meter replaced by a new ‘metric’ Smart Gas meter. Shortly after that, my energy supplier Breeze Energy forced by Ofgem into Administration, and all customer accounts then in 2020 taken over by BGas. At end of August 2020, transfered over to Bulb…HOWEVER, neither Breeze Energy, nor BGas had updated the National Database with the Gas Meter Serial No. of my new smart meter !! At Bulb, I find my gas account is still referring to my old Imperial gas meter that was retired in November 2019 !!! Despite me emailing help@bulb on more than one occasion, then managed to get someone (19.08.2020) who decribed themselves as an ‘Energy Specialist’ at help@bulb) to focus on the issue, who asked me to send to her a photo of the ‘new’ Gas meter and PROMISED that once my Gas account was fully under Bulb’s control she would address the Nat.Database issue. Well ! despite that promise and a later follow up email to her (at help@bulb…) on 24.08.2020, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been done by Bulb to update the National Database… so how do I get Bulb to get off it;s proverbial backside and offer some customer service to me in this respect…OR do I have to drag all prominent member of Bulb across every element of the UK press, the chamber of the House of Commons, lodge every request possible to Ofgen to curtail the operating license of Bulb… any other suggestions ??

Takes approximately six(6) weeks for the National Data Base to upgrade a meter serial n#, not by any stretch of the imagination has it been this length of time since you contacted bulb

That’s fine, BUT why didn’t Bulb make the slightest effort to inform me of that directly ??? It’s called Customer Service…something help@bulb appears to be extremely lacking in !!! Further, I only have to browse around the postings on ‘community’ for a very short amount of time to discover a mountain of ‘complaints’ from a whole range of bulb customers who don’t seem to be getting any decent level of Customer Service from bulb, and on a whole range of issues. What is clear to me, as someone who has recently transfered to Bulb and who previously used the energy provision of one of the best energy providers for Customer Service in UK (albeit sadly brought to a demise by the ‘acidic’ behaviour of Ofgem), is that whoever is supposedly in charge of Customer Care/Service at Bulb is making a complete ‘mess’ of that role, and really needs to be moved out ‘to pasture’ !!

Maybe its something to do with your attitude

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I am not here to defend bulb or to chastise them, in fact I am not even a bulb customer.
I only posted to answer your query about the timeline re meters on the NDB, but having said that bulb’s C/S is a bit hit or miss, works fine for some, not so much for others.
If you look at a lot(not all) of those posts you will see that quite a few are of the customers own making(ie: sending in meter readings when they can be bothered) then blaming bulb because they keep receiving OTT estimated bills.
I am not familiar with what transpired between breeze and ofgem but I suppose ofgem do get it wrong sometimes

Why ? because my attitude is that energy suppliers in the UK should provide efficient and effective Customer Services provision to their customers and those that do not should have their operating licenses removed, pure and simple.

I had the same bother,so I opened up the live chat,and after about 5 minutes wait I was chatting with them,LIVE,I had already taken GOOD photos of my meters,and knew where on my computer they were,I gave them the MPNR and MPRN numbers from my online dashboard,and when you are ACTUALLY chatting,a paperclip is offered you near the dialogue box,for uploading photos,so I uploaded a cople of photos with my gas and electric meters and with serial numbers that are printed on the meters themselves and ALSO on the ELECTRONIC DISPLAY,next DAY,my dashboard was updated,during the online chats at the end you are offered to have a TRANSCRIPT sent to you,I always do this,so if NECESSARY,I shall retrieve it and give dates,times,names etc.PS,my special bulb and Samsung smartthings REDEMPTION CODE went wonky,so I e-mailed Samsung to ask them to generate ANOTHER,after a few days they sent one,I ordered ONLINE on their store at 7PM at night,it was at my FRONT DOOR next day by DPD at 12:30 pm,this is not a one off,this is my third order in the Samsung shop,when you are in the shop the code HUB50 gets you 50% discount,and free delivery.I just checked,the HUB50 has expired,but if you download the smartthing app to your phone,AND REGISTER on the UK SAMSUNG site,AS a NEW CUSTOMER,then there is a banner that says as a NEW CUSTOMER you can get the smartthings hub a TWO smartthings outlets for £1 instead of the usual £139

That would effectivly close about 95% of companies in the UK(not just energy suppliers). It may have escaped your attention that at the moment there is a global pandemic(coronavirus) and most companies are operating a restricted C/S, working from home, call centres closed.
You do have the option of voting with your keyboard and going elsewhere.
Pure Planet do not have a C/S per se’, for you to deal with, they have a 24/7 chatbot, and an email address for emergencies(if your house blows up and you need someone to change the gas meter.
Finally I wish you good luck and Godspeed in your quest for perfection in an imperfect world

Glad to hear you, like me, have had a good experience with live chat. Maybe where you are affects it or something, because it seems to a very “Yes or No” type thing.

To be fair @skippy64 bulb have a 24hr chatbot, there email (emergency@bulb.co.uk) and phone (same as the normal 0300 30 30 635) emergency lines too, its just weather they work. I hope i don’t have to use them if my house blows up through lol

The operative word being “if” :rofl:

Hi @copley.tremlett I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the service you’ve experienced with Bulb. Once you’ve sent the photo through in response to my colleague who emailed you, we can update our internal system to ensure you’re billed correctly, and the national metering database.

The update to the national database will take around 4-6 weeks from when we submit the request.

Of course I am unhappy with the service that I have experience with Bulb so far… because it’s been pretty atrocious so far !

Your colleaque, who was identied as Grace (Bulb) <help@bulb.co.uk> emailed me on the 19th August at 12:16hrs. I replied back at 12:24 hrs on the same day with a photo of the meter in pdf format. Nothing happened!

5 days later on the 24th August, I once again sent a reply to your colleague, containing within an attached, the photo of the meter. Yet again, absolutely nothing happened at bulb !!

Fed up with this lack of customer service response, I crafted an email via the online form at https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/requests/new on Saturday 5th September at 16:13 hrs, AND yes you’ve guessed it ! STILL no response from Bulb at all.

Additionally, just now on the 10th December, I have once again ‘replied to your colleague’, yet again for the fourth time attaching the photo of my new metric smart gas meter…

…and we live in hope that someone with the Bulb company will make the effort to resolve the issue, and that those supposedly in charge, dare we say leading the various parts of Bulb’s operation will stand up and take proper responsibility, and NOT just simply fob of customers with the incredibly lame excuse that bulb does-not/cannot-appear to function in any meaningful way unless customer deal with, and only with the person that emailed out to the customer in the very first instance. This is a prime example of a company that doesn’t have a satisfactory Quality Management System in-place and functioning properly.

…Further, as your colleague appears to be unwilling, or unable, or perhaps incapable of dealing with my request, PERHAPS you as a ‘Leader !’ will reach out to me with a email, that i may reply to with the photo in question, AND then bulb can get on an update your internals aswell as the natiional metering db ???

Hi @copley.tremlett

I can understand your frustration with the delay response to your emails, my colleague should now have responded to you and will agree a corrected change of supplier reading with your previous supplier. Once that’s done we can get your meter details updated

Going to be honest. I’ve never heard of it taking 4-6 weeks for Xoserve (National Database) to be updated. As soon as the ‘flow’ goes out from Bulb to Xoserve it should normally takes a couple of days for it to be updated.

Hi @garymcewan72,
The flow doesn’t leave us directly, the flow to get Xoserve updated with the correct information is processed by our Data Collector (Morrison Data Services). But as we grow larger as a company, we aim to have our own in-house data collectors to make the process more streamlined.