Why won’t Bulb bill me?

I had a smart meter fitted at the end of August. I took photos of the meter readings, as did the engineer and sent them to Bulb. The readings on the new meter are ticking along nicely. So why won’t Bulb send me a bill? I’ve been on the chat now 3 times trying to sort out and I keep being told it will be sorted soon. When is soon? I don’t want to go too far in to credit or debit but can’t keep an eye on things with no bill. I’ve complained and go no response. Seriously!

As soon as I get a bill, I’ll be closing my account and going elsewhere. Terrible service.

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According to bulb “soon” is anytime after last November
Could be worse could have been "“very soon” which translates to indefinitely :rofl:

@MrsH72 Hey Donna, I’m really sorry to see the billing failures on your account. :slightly_frowning_face:

I can see that the errors on your account are being looked into by one of my colleagues, I have sent them a message and asked them to send you an update on your billing ASAP.

I have been promised that you will receive an email response by 6pm today. Do let us know if you have not received one! :+1:


The bill has been received as promised

Thanks for your help

I have not had a bill since July?

Hi @Jonhunt2000, apologies for the delay - it does look like there has been an issue with your billing. I’ve raised this with our Operations team so we can look into this and get this statement issued for you.

Hey @Lou_at_Bulb :wave: I’ve also not had a statement produced since July. Would you kindly take a look, please?

Same here. I’ve had an ongoing problem since last October when the timeswitch on my dual rate meter failed. Been paying for day rate electricity for a year. Had a smart meter fitted on 22nd September which has partly solved the problem, but not had a bill since 6th September. Contacted Bulb via webchat last Monday and was advised by Sam G that “there was a technical problem” and that it would be fixed and a bill would be emailed - still waiting! Thought I might submit meter readings BUT can only input one electricity reading!