Why won’t you provide me with a statement?!?!?

Had a smart meter fitted at the beginning of May. Since then I haven’t had a statement and Obviously my credit is building. I email and I get ignored, I can’t access live chat and I call and sit in a queue for as long as I can before I have to hang up. 5 weeks ago I was promised it would take a week to sort. What can I do?

I’m in exactly the same situation - had a smart meter fitted towards the end of May, and not had a single bill since, just credit building up in my account, and the smart meter doesn’t even work.

Fortunately I keep track of my monthly usage and cost myself, but probably going to have to look at moving away from Bulb very shortly to try and force the closure of the current billing.

Same here.
Was told it would be fixed the same day
three weeks later (and 16 weeks since my last statement) no sign of it being fixed

The customer service is a joke, up to 5 days to reply to an email?? Never had a reply/
Finally get through to customer services and they are about as must help as a chocolate fireguard.
I have been with Bulb for nearly 6 months now and i have never had a statement yet.
Despite being over £600 in credit they are still suggesting i pay an extra £40 a month based on my usage.
My next step is to drop my monthly payment to £5 and see how long it takes them to complain

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It’s ridiculous. I’m over £800 in credit. How will these incompetent people generate a closing statement for me to leave?

I’m having the same problem. Smart meters installed at the beginning of May and not had a statement since. No response to messages on here or emails :thinking:

Same here - absolutely hopeless -