Why won't you fit a direct debit meter at my house?

You’re an energy company. Half the service is being able to fit the equipment. Why should I pay for half a service? This is crap. Nationalise the lot of you, nobody should ever be getting a profit from such a **** service.


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Can you elucidate - what is a direct debit meter?

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I think he just means a regular non-prepayment meter, along with a billing arrangement paid by direct debit.

If he passes a soft credit check, then I’m reasonably sure that Bulb will be quite happy to organise the switch (though I don’t think they actually do the work) - but in the current coronavirus environment, it is likely to take longer than would normally be the case (as anything involving visiting or entering residential properties is not as straight-forward as it was a little over 4 months ago).

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Wonder if it has actually occurred to him to ask for one?

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With that “Me, me, me, I want, I want, I want” Violet Beauregard type attitude and unnecessary swearing the Topic Creator deserves nothing…


Donald would probably advise bleach :rofl:

Hi @mark_r182, firstly welcome to the Bulb community. I’ve edited your post to take out the coarse language, and I would appreciate it moving forward if you could keep things polite and respectful, so this can be a positive and helpful place for everyone.

I’ve done a search for the email address associated with your Community account, and it’s not coming up with any results. I’ll, of course, need to take a look at your account to see whether we can exchange your prepay meter for a credit meter.

I’lll be sending you an email to the email address you signed up for Community to with, so we can look into this for you.

I’m trying to get one too. I moved into my property with a Pre-Payment meter already installed so I have been trying to get this changed for months now.

I joined Bulb in June and they said they’d do a credit check on me - it came back failed which I was shocked by as I have a 999 credit score on Experian and 600 score on ClearScore with no missed payments, EVER.

It turns out they need two months worth of payment history (at Bulb) before a credit check is completed - if that’s the case, don’t tell me I’ve ‘failed’ a CreditCheck if you haven’t even looked at my credit history :joy:.

I’ve now written to the CEO, the complaints team and given them two 1* reviews on TrustPilot as a result of this, absolutely shocking service.

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Hi @DAxNO1

I’m really sorry to hear that you’re having so much trouble getting your meter replaced. When a member hasn’t been living in a property for long, that can sometimes cause the credit check to come back as ‘failed’ even if they have a good credit score.

I can see this is being looked into by our complaints team currently, and we’ll update you shortly in the complaint thread on what can be done. Once again, I’m very sorry for the difficulties you’ve had to date.

I’d keep your prepay meeter since they took mine my monthly payments have almost doubled I have not had to ever keep on emailing a energy company as much in my life over problems since they changed my meeter