Why would gas supply issues impact Bulb?

If you are only supplying renewable energy, why would mainstream gas supply issues bother Bulb?
Or is Bulb actually no “greener” than any other power company?

The latter…it’s all a greenwash!

Maybe read about the energy you’ve been buying from Bulb? The information is all available on their website.

They’ve never claimed their gas is fully renewable. That isn’t currently feasible - gas is a fossil fuel and we need to invest in alternatives to gas, including the Green Gas that makes up some of Bulb’s supply.

Meanwhile Bulb have offered the next best option for those of us continuing to use gas until it runs out or becomes prohibitively expensive or alternatives become readily available and affordable. Bulb offset the carbon emissions caused by the proportion of your gas consumption that they’re unable to supply as Green Gas. It’s not ideal, but due to the limited volume of Green Gas being produced, it’s currently the closest thing we can get to using “environmentally friendly” gas.

“We provide our members with 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro. And our gas is 100% carbon neutral too. We offset the emissions from the gas we supply by supporting carbon reduction projects around the world. Plus, we’re one of the biggest buyers of green gas for homes in the UK so a chunk of our gas mix comes from renewable sources, too.”

bulb. co. uk /energy/

bulb. co. uk /fuelmix/

So why have you got a supply problem?


there isnt a supply problem, its a cost issue…worldwide

Apparently winds have been much lighter than anticipated during the summer, so there has been a shortfall there. Climate change surely means solar power is the best way forward - a major government initiative to get solar panels on every roof is surely going to be needed sooner rather than later.


The UK has a free market for electricity. Its traded on a half-hour basis, with a thriving market where everyone who generates energy can trade with everyone buying. Bulb are a buyer in this market.
Its likely that they simply have ‘power purchase agreements’ with a number of solar farms and wind farms to buy up 100% of their output, thus green.
Its also likely that getting an exact match between supply and demand for bulb is very hard. Agreements are often for long periods (quarterly or yearly), so there will always be some trading at the margins, especially if power demand rises due to cold weather.

So MOST of bulbs energy is likely long term price fixed, and some will be day-traded. In the latter case, that energy could be from any source, including gas, but the real factor here is that because gas supply is low and gas demand is high the free market price people can get for power goes UP.

So even if you have a solar farm that is ‘day-ahead’ trading some or all of its power, you can see the current free market day-ahead price of electricity (right now it is £150/MWH), and you will sell your surplus solar power at that price.

So even if bulb only ever buy solar/wind/hydro power, some of it will be day-traded at the market price, and because some energy companies are not 100% green, the gas price WILL affect the solar price. (basically our theoretical solar farm could sell the power for more more to someone else, due to gas prices being high).

Count yourself lucky that bulb do have long term power agreements. If ALL of their energy was day-traded, all of our bills would have tripled this year.


Cost and supply are inextricably linked; it is basic economics. Think ‘supply and demand’ and the global capitalist economy which all energy companies are part of!

Which goes to show that despite all the hype about wind and solar power, on their own they do not generate enough electricity. Time to re-open the pits and the nuclear power stations!
As far as ‘climate change’ is concerned it has been going on for millions of years-before man walked the earth, and it will continue when he has finally been removed by Mother Earth!

good to see that there are still dinosaurs walking - and posting - amongst us

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Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Ah so the cost of renewable energy goes up with the general power market whether it is more expensive to produce or not! Is that the case?
So, the line, “cleaner cheaper” isn’t correct?

Where do you buy your renewable energy from? How do we know that we are buying renewable? The reality is of course that we are not. We buy a supply of a mix of all energy types. And thank goodness for that. The current supply problem would pale into insignificance if we had to rely on renewables.
Thank goodness the government is quietly getting on and planning more nuclear capacity. I hope you’ll be buying some of that Bulb!?

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It is refreshing to see some good old fashioned common sense on this forum.

Solar would be even worse than wind.

What’s your plan bulb. Is Nuclear in your plans. If not, why not?

Peter W

Is it true Opus Energy is interested in Bulb and maybe a possible buy out. Mind you this was on the BEEB about energy problems in the sector.

I’m not sure that you realise that you’re talking to a community, or forum, not Bulb’s staff (but who might be reading and replying).