Why does it take over 2 months to have my meter reading accepted?
Why are British Gas being blamed for incorrect information taken from a SMART Meter when they have provided the correct readings?
Why are you saying my SMART Meter may be inaccurate? the remote reader display is totally accurate to the displays on the meters outside the house!
Why? oh why do you send me an email telling me to bake and eat banana bread? surely being hip and trendy is NOT banana bread especially with Type 2 diabetes!
Come on and be a little more professional and gain my respect!
I think it’s great to save money on power and he green energy thing! (WHY does it have to be green when it patently is NOT???)
and…thank you to a couple of you on the phones who think I am “taking it out on you” when I am trying to discover what is going on!
Get pro-active and do something about this please?
If not…why?

Hi @Phil_P - it looks like you spoke to one of my colleagues yesterday evening to get everything sorted out, so I’ve just checked in with her and she’s taken care of the issue. She’s also sent you an email this morning explaining what caused the problem and how we’ve resolved it with British Gas.

We’ve rebilled your account to make everything line up on our side, and you should now be due a substantial refund from British Gas.

I’m sorry to hear you don’t like the tone in which we talk to our members. As a company, we decided from the start that we’d always employ a lighthearted, friendly tone of voice with our members, and most of the feedback we’ve had regarding that has been positive, so I’m afraid the tone of our communications is unlikely to change in the near future. However I do understand that it might be frustrating to be told to go and bake banana bread when you suffer from diabetes, so I’ve raised this with the team responsible for writing our emails as we don’t want to come across as insensitive.

I’d also like to apologise that you’ve had some bad experiences when you’ve called us in the past. I’ve spoken to both of the people who you’ve previously talked to in order to ensure that we always provide a professional service over the phone in future.

As for how green our energy is, we do supply 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas. This isn’t just marketing spin, but can be confirmed by Ofgem as the industry regulators, as we have to prove that the energy we supply is as green as we say it is.

All the best,