Wifi Connection Nightmare

Smart Meters installed, attempted to join networks I am connected to the router, but being told there is no internet connection… THERE IS! I have split out my network so have 5GHz and 2.4GHz - do I have to wait for Bulb to update the meters? before it will connect? I have made 5 attempts so far, being connected to the router is good, but it needs to connect to the internet… Its an IHD6…

Also it seems that help is pretty sparse, I was told to get in touch with my broadband provider…I DON’T THINK IT IS THEIR FAULT…

Any help out there in the ether


Hey @dhgriggs,

I want to first start off by giving you a warm welcome to Bulb community :partying_face:

I took a look into your account and I see both of your meters have been successfully commissioned (enrolled on the smart network), the same with your IHD. Nothing leads me to suggest there are any issues, but I will raise this to our smart team to see if they can see anything wrong or have any additional insights.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention :relaxed:

Did you get the IHD to connect? I’ve just had mine installed and it will not connect so think I am having the same problem as you.

Exactly the same problem here. Have tried three ways to connect but saying there is no internet when all other devices in the house are connected. Thinking that there is no issue with my router, internet or ISP so wondering what the solution is to connecting the in-home display?

I had to reset the IHD and reconnect for that message to go away, it uses the 2.4 Ghz band so it will only connect to that one.

So the IHD works with the WAN and you can read my meter and usage, the iHD works in this respect and I can monitor from the device. AGAIN this is not to do with your device routing, this is to do with home WiFi settings. I have installed a new router and have attached the iHD device to the Router, however it states NO INTERNET CONNECTION. As I want to monitor usage from my iPhone, this needs to work. THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM WITH THE ROUTER. The iHD device will simply not connect to the internet, whilst the router OBVIOUSLY does. Unless there is a simple fix, then I may have to contact the ombudsman and consumer rights on the basis that the device supplied is faulty. Whilst this is not a Bulb device, but Chameleon, they should be able to provide a patch or mechanism to join the internet via my router.

Hi @dhgriggs,

From our end its telling us your IHD is connected to the internet and the signal strength is good. Please can you send us a photo of whats displaying on your IHD so I can try to diagnose the issue better?